We all want to remain young and attractive. No one wants to grow old, develop eye bags and lines on the face, or sport an unattractive face. Sadly, for thehuman race, this is the opposite of what happens. We all age with every passing second. The result soon gets obvious on our face. So, the big question arises: What causes facial aging? After fumbling with the issue for centuries, making countless laboratory tests and delivering hundreds of presentations in lecture halls, researchers still have no answer! No one knows for certain what triggers the process, ultimately causing aging. Instead, scientists and scholars have developed several theories in an attempt to explain the elusive question. Below are a few of these:

. The Damage Concept: According to this theory, both externally and internally induced factors are involved. These gradually inflict damage on the organism’s D.N.A or its oxidised bases. Ultimately, this leads to failure of the biological systems. The result is facial aging.

. Genetic factors: Scholars theorize that internally- programmed genes of theorganism cause facial aging. Apparently, this clock-like factor is irreversible.

. Tissue Degeneration: It’s thought that a gradual breakdown of the soft tissue eventually results in facial aging.

.Combined factors: Other researchers think that a combination of factors is responsible. Suspects include the effect of body mass index, hormonal activity, alcohol abuse, exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet radiation and cigarette smoking.

Quiteinterestingly, it was long thought that the human face ages uniformly. Remarkably, recent discoveries have shown that the face has different fat compartments that gain or lose fat at different rates. This revelation has dramatically improved reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and boosted efforts by doctors to restore youthful features among people.It has also given vital clues on the study of obesity, cancer and diabetes.


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