Teaching is a good and important profession that helps shape young people into important members of the society. It is a noble profession which many people would like to undertake. This is now possible and you even don’t need to have a university degree in teaching so that you can be fully qualified and professional teacher.

Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS).

QTLS is a course that gives you a professional teaching status once completed. To enroll

For a QTLS course, you first need to demonstrate that indeed you can use the knowledge and skills you have in your current practice effectively. As such, you are required to undergo professional formation, which is a process that demonstrates your effectiveness in applying your skills and knowledge. QTLS has the below advantages.

  • The law recognizes QTLS to be the equivalent of QTS (Qualified Teacher Status).
  • High career progression since you demonstrate that you can effectively use your skills and abilities.
  • Full recognition as a professional and efficient teacher or trainer.

Eligibility for a QTLS course.

  1. Level 2 qualification in English and Mathematics.

A Level 2 in Mathematics and English are required so that you can be eligible for a QTLS course. However, for people from overseas and wish to apply should get a letter as evidence that the qualifications you have are equivalent to Level 2 in UK. This letter is obtained from UK NARIC.

Current practice evidence.

You are also required to provide evidence of your current practice ad it should be up to date since the time you registered for professional formation.

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Register for teaching courses and earn a professional status of this noble profession.

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