Different electricians in London charge differently for their services. This is especially so, considering that the nature of each task differs and as such, calls for a different approach. Besides, the levels of qualification also matter; an electrician may be skilled in fixing the ordinary domestic lighting needs, while another is able to eve repair complex commercial installations.  The good thing however is that most electricians in London are willing to listen to you, and agree on a fair price, depending on the task at hand. In a nutshell, the pricing modes of electricians in London can be categorized into three;

  1. Ordinary/ domestic electricians; these are electricians that you can call to your home anytime you have a faulty connection, need power testing and wiring, etc. Their pricing tends to be the lowest compared to the other 2 categories; but this is not to say that their services are substandard or ineffective. Rather, it is just that the nature of the task is minor and not demanding.
  2. Commercial electricians; the second group of electricians in London consists of commercial electricians. In this category, the electrician can fix electrical issues in a restaurant, school, hospital, grocery store, liquor shop, and basically any other type of commercial installation. The pricing in this segment is determined by the complexity of the task, whether any spares need to be bought, and so on so forth for a emergency electrician London
  3. Electrical contractor; electrical contractors in London handle big projects including in the consultancy and designing of electrical systems. Their services are sought by both residential and commercial entities. The contractors can also be contracted to come and inspect an installation, and make recommendations on the electrical designs therein. Large installations like warehouses, industries, tend to rely on electrical contractors.

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